Cleaning White Vinegar 4.8%



White vinegar is a natural way of cleaning and dealing with a variety of household problems. It has a number of uses around the home, including being used as a multi-surface cleaner, fabric softener, stain remover, rinse aid, for cleaning glass, dealing with stains, removing sticky glue residue to name a few.

This vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable plant-based formula from SESI, is available to buy as a refill.


Directions for use: For toilets, squirt all around generously. Leave overnight or for as long as possible, then brush and flush. For general cleaning, apply and wipe off with a cloth. Do not use on stone or granite. This product is not an edible vinegar.

Further Information

>30% water, <5% Acetic acid

Warning: Keep out of reach from children. Causes serious eye irritation.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention.



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