Glass lotion bottle with pump



The 150ml Clear Glass Simplicity Bottle & White Lotion Pump is a fabulous bottle and cap combination – it’s both small and simple, as the name suggests! The glass body of the bottle gives your product a classy look and feel, along with the thick base of the bottle. Totally transparent, this bottle gives you a clear view of the contents in your Simplicity bottle, making its natural beauty shine.

The bottle comes with a 24mm white lotion pump cap. This cap also allows you to dispense the contents of your bottle evenly, preventing waste and spills. It is ideal for holding body lotions, cleansers and face washes. Available only to customers purchasing refills from the R3-Fill skincare range. Labels available upon request. The glass jar is fully recyclable.

Further Information

Additional Information:

Weight: 182g
Bottle colour: Clear
Capacity: 150ml
Height: 131mm
Diameter: 50mm
Height including cap: 162mm
Closure type: Lotion pump


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