Handmade Soap Dish & Toothbrush Holder Sets – 6 Style Options



Helping you be plastic free in the bathroom with these stunning stoneware toothbrush holder and soap dish sets. Both items have drainage holes, making the toothbrush holder perfect for holding bamboo toothbrushes and to help prevent a bar of soap from going soft. They are individually made by hand. No item will be perfectly round or straight, the imperfections make them unique. Available as part of an Eco gift box upon request.

Note from the potter Amanda Timms, Madebymanda4u, Oxfordshire: “I hope you enjoy the simplicity and honesty of each piece. Clay is an amazing material and has so many stages, from wet and slimy to stiff and form building, and fires into a different material altogether, when all the water is removed. I work with two types of clay. Earthenware is a low fire clay and remains porous having the advantage of brighter colours. Stoneware Clay can be made waterproof by adding a glaze on top. Stoneware is a very solid, durable material and is less likely to break. It is also waterproof even without a glaze. Everything is made in small batches in my 8 x 10ft shed in the garden.”

Further Information

Toothbrush holder dimension: height 10cm x 7cm wide
Soap dish dimension: 11.5 x 8.5cm (pictured with a 110g bar of soap)
Materials: clay, glaze


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